Tarot: Not Just A Paradigm For The Cosmos…

“Tarot Laaaaady” – sang Ronnie James Dio on Rainbow’s ‘Rising’ album, circa 1976. What? Never heard of him? Well, he’s the guy what invented the ‘horns’ sign that all you young people use nowadays πŸ™‚ and he should know, right? The wee vocal powerhouse had no doubt met many a ‘Tarot Woman’ on his travels through the world of hard rock. You know the type… long, flowing hair, bangles, beads, maybe a head scarf, a flouncy Stevie Nicks-type dress etc.

But I’d like to introduce you to a new breed of Tarot enthusiast… the Tarot ‘Man’.

Now, you’ll all know that I have many interests in life: music, poetry, philosophy, ice hockey – all the typical composer interests πŸ˜‰ but what I really love, is tarot.

So looky here, I have been studying the cards for about 3-4 years now, a beginner still, perhaps, but it has been a wonderful if, at times, difficult journey, as I like to understand a thing thoroughly before I venture out into the world with it as a personal skill. There are 72 cards in a Tarot deck – lots to learn, multiple meanings and so forth – sooo many possibilities, and the cards need to become your pals before you can earn the right to comment upon them.

But recently, I’ve done some readings for friends and family, and though they have been very successful, I’m not quite ready to take the plunge professionally, though I would dearly love to. It will come, though, I am sure – the Knight of Pentacles tells me so…


Hard work, dogged determinism and you too can be the Kt of P…

Most of my ’empirical’ friends will no doubt look at me funny, reading this blog, but they don’t know what they’re missing. Perhaps confusing the tarot with fortune telling or the psychic programmes on TV, rather than seeing it simply as a method that aids self-help or, at the very least, brings a series of options and a degree of clarity to a life problem. Simple as. And nothing to be scared of either.

Whatever you think, I’ve always seen myself as a not bad giver of advice, an OK teacher, and a nice person – all the qualifications you need to allow you to shuffle the deck. And through studying the tarot, I’ve learned a lot about myself – and others, of course. It’s the quiet discourse one undertakes with the deck and the individual spreads that appeals. It’s a meditation for those that don’t like to meditate; some CBT for those that don’t like filling in forms; or mindfulness that don’t want to listen to someone else’s voice describing a beach over badly played new age music.


Anyway, here is an example of my tarot ‘style’. I did a reading recently for a friend that was looking to start a new ‘self-employed’ job, but was unsure whether it was the right thing to do. I did a Celtic Cross spread for them, and this is what came up:

Screen shot 2018-09-02 at 16.44.33

After the reading, I sent the querent a jpeg. picture of the spread and the following (brief) notes to accompany the image – basically a recap of what I said, with a few extra thoughts.

Cross: Full of emotion! Negativity is a big part of your life: 5S, Devil, 7W and 4P – both in the past and potetionally the future too. The Kt of P is sitting on his plough horse, going about his daily routine, working hard, but happy in that he knows he will accomplish his dreams with hard work – it must be seen through to the end. These day-to-day tasks may seem humdrum when you are ‘crossed’ by The World card – you want it all, and the opportunities are there. But trust the Knight, you will eventually see success.

Rod/Staff: You see yourself as the Hermit – alone, looking for a light, but remember the Hermit is very wise and shows that you are one who can offer guidance and teaching. Others see you as you really are Queen of Wands. Pos 9 shows 2S, giving you a glimpse of possibly locking up your desires unless you rid yourself of the negative thoughts and self-image. Pos 10 has 6W – a brilliant card – self-worth, and creative happiness could be yours.

Here, the querent needs to work hard to overcome their negativity. A big ask, of course. We all know that negative thoughts and rumination are a curse, and such a waste of energy, draining mentally and physically. If you are prone to them, then your life is much more difficult. But with the support of the tarot, the querent will find the journey so much easier. That’s a fact. A little affirmation and support goes a long way, right? If people/friends/family don’t tell you you’re good, how are you to know?


Tarot is the best.


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