Being A Polymath: Does All That Math Add Up To Anything?

I often think of people who have concentrated solely on one artistic career – the writer who only writes, the musician who only plays – and wonder if they ever get a hankering for doing something different. Trying a new form or genre?

I’ve met very few people in my time who like to try their hand at a different art form than the one they normally do. Of course, having the time to do other things is hard to find. Continue reading “Being A Polymath: Does All That Math Add Up To Anything?”

Poem For Ornette Coleman

I first became a fan of Ornette Coleman back in the early 1980s, when I took out At The Golden Circle Vol. 1 from the local library. What appealed to my cold and distant teenage soul was the Blue Note-designed LP cover. The icy backdrop, the too cool for jazz-school threesome, the black & white of it all. Continue reading “Poem For Ornette Coleman”