Shakespeare On Screen: My Week With The Bard

I really try my best to avoid Shakespeare. Like the Beatles, it’s all so ingrained in our (western) culture that when you hear it you tend to switch off. But unlike the Fab Four you have to try hard to understand what’s going on. And if theatre really isn’t your thing then who has the time to revise the York notes before going to see a production? Well, this week I fell prey to this and agreed to go to a live screening of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ at the Cameo Cinema here in Edinburgh. Continue reading “Shakespeare On Screen: My Week With The Bard”

Follow Your Leaders? Revisionist Jazz @ The Lincoln Centre

Last weekend, while on holiday in NYC with the fam, I went to see the Willie Jones III Quintet in The Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola at the Lincoln Centre. The Dave Holland Trio (w/ Kevin Eubanks) were at the Village Vanguard downtown on the same evening but they don’t let kids in, at Dizzy’s you can be over 7 years old and they’ll take your money. Continue reading “Follow Your Leaders? Revisionist Jazz @ The Lincoln Centre”