After several years studying classical guitar at the RSAMD, Glasgow and having a few lessons with Jukka Savijoki in Finland, I decided that I needed something more in my musical life – and that thing was composition. I had written several songs for guitar and voice during my undergraduate years (in a very English 20th C harmony style) and I was quite proud of them. I wanted to take this area of interest to a higher level. Rita McAllister, the then head of RSAMD, suggested that I do a Post-Graduate course at Edinburgh University with the composer Nigel Osborne… so, I did! And in 1999 I completed my doctorate. You’ll notice that these years run parallel to me working in theatre – I also moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh in the mid 1990s.

2010 – Against A Valley Spur (Cello  & Piano)

2008 – Five Very Short Pieces (Clarinet & Piano) 

2008  – A Hollow Place (Piano Duet) 

2006 – Five Short Pieces (Solo Piano) 

2004 – King Bee (Percussion & Tape) 

2003 – My Name Is John Mackay (Organ, Percussion & Tape)

2002 – Journey To Horaizan (Percussion & Tape)  

2001 – You, Astronaut (Clarinet, Percussion & Tape)  

2001 – Contact-Cuttings (Piano & Tape) 

1998 – Preservation & Loss (Percussion Quartet) 

1995-97 – Chemicals & Waves (Large Orchestra)

1995 – Bridge Over Mostar (Small Ensemble) 

1995 – Sprint (Small Ensemble) 

1994 – Contraries (2 Guitars & String Trio) 

1990-97 – Songbook (Soprano & Classical Guitar)