Reverend guitars are fantastic. I’ve owned a few, but this Jetstream HD in Superior Blue has been my ‘go to’ guitar for the recent disc. I have played headless guitars in the past but switched to this beauty when I saw them in Glasgow at Merchant City a while back. The neck on this is unbelievable. And the bass boost really beefs up the tone.

My sound is usually far more Gibson oriented than Fender, so the switch to Reverend guitars caught me off guard. I still find though that I need that harder edge tone for verse parts that are largely fingerstyle. Here are my two Fernandes/Burny guitars: The RLC85s in Black with sustainer, and the RSA65 in Cherry Red. Wonderful.


The Alex Lifeson SE Angelus electro-acoustic. Beautifully made, great sound, features on several cuts on the new album ‘Metaphysical Attractions’, out in November 2018.


The Yamaha DG Stomp. Developed by Allan Holdsworth w/ Yamaha, this is the main source of my sound. Great chorus effect and loads of EQ possiblities. I have the chorus depth on 10 but the rate on 0.3 !!


29457-hughes-kettner-tubefactor-classic-tube-booster-overdrive-largeI really like the  Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor – used purely for the single 12ax7 valve coloration before running into the DG Stomp. A fantastic pedal.


I get my ‘synth-like’ guitar sound from the BOSS harmonist, set one 8ve up with a tiny amount of concert pitch and a massive amount of mids, it sounds very powerful – not like those horrible pitch-shift devices that try to imitate 12 strings. This has a wonderful sound that makes soloing much more fun.


My Koch ATR-4502 all tube power amp. The best on the market and I have tried ALL of them!


The Sub-Zero 10″ cab with Celestion Tube 10 Speaker. These are very inexpensive, but fantastic; I have two of these for the stereo spread that I love. These originally came in a horrible blue colour but I spray-painted them black, and they now look and sound fantastic. I also have a Marshall 1922 2×12 but these sound much better to my ears.