Poetry & Short Stories

John has been published in several journals, magazines and online webzines including Poetry Scotland, Open Mouse, Blinking Cursor, Essence, South and Streetcake Magazine, amongst others. Below is a list of published poetry and short stories, with a few links to the online sites.


Eastern Philosophy (Streetcake Magazine: Issue 42, Jul 2015)
Tides (The Open Mouse, Feb 2015)
Epiphany (Ink, Sweat & Tears, Dec 2013)
Address Is Approximate (Copenhagen) (The Open Mouse, Sept 2013)
Blue Screen Life (South Magazine: Issue 47, May 2013)
Goodbye (Blinking Cursor: Issue 9, Spring 2012)
Double Act (Poetry Scotland: Issue 73, Spring 2012)
I Is For Ignore (Poetry Scotland: Issue 73, Spring 2012)
For Carl Ray (Essence: Issue 5 – Culture Pt. 2, Mar 2012)
The Cartographer (Essence: Issue 5 – Culture Pt. 2, Mar 2012)
Zimbabwe (A Handful Of Stones, Feb 2012)
Gull (The Open Mouse, Nov 2011)
Provenance (The Open Mouse, Jul 2011)

Short Stories:

Memories, Dreams And Meaningless Violence (Streetcake Magazine: Issue 27, Jan 2013)