From 1990 to about 2005 I wrote music and created sound designs for over 40 theatre productions in Scotland and England. 20 of these were for the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, usually with the directors Ian Brown, Philip Howard and John Tiffany. I also did quite a lot of work for Guy Hollands’ company KTC and subsequently at The Citizen’s Theatre/TAG when Guy began working there in the late 1990s. Here is a list of the shows I worked on way back when…


Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: The Struggle of the Dogs and the Black, The Life of Stuff, Colombus: Blooding the Ocean, 15 Seconds, The Hope Slide, Stones And Ashes, Brothers of Thunder, Buchanan, Shining Souls, Europe, The Juju Girl, King of the Fields, Dark Earth, Green Field, Abandonment, 15 Seconds

Traverse/ Garrick Theatre, London/ Union Square Theatre, New York: Moscow Stations

Traverse/ Hampstead Theatre, London: Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, Poor Super Man

Traverse/ Cambridge Arts Theatre: Widows, Reader

Citizen’s Theatre, Glasgow/ Bush Theatre, London: Trainspotting

Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh: Jekyl & Hyde, Woyzeck

TAG, Glasgow: Peter Pan, A Taste of Honey, Knives In Hens

Tron Theatre, Glasgow: Lavochkin 5

The Gate Theatre, London: The New Menoza

Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee: The White Bird Passes, Sea Urchins

Visible Fictions, Glasgow: Pinnochio

Killing The Cat, Glasgow: Begin Again, Quiet Night In

Cumbernauld Theatre, Glasgow: Whale

Lung Ha’s Theatre Co, Edinburgh: The Burning Eyes of the Prophet