The John Irvine Band

The John Irvine Band has released three critically acclaimed CDs of Jazz-Rock music, ‘Wait & See’ (2011)‘Next Stop’ (2013) and ‘Metaphysical Attractions’ (2018). All three albums have received plaudits from many magazines and websites, and several tracks have been played on internet and terra firma radio stations, such as: The Prog Rock Palace, Xymphonia, El Ritorno Del Gigante, Canvas Prog Hour, Friday Night Progressive and many more.

Both ‘Wait & See’ and ‘Next Stop’ were recorded with the same band lineup: John Irvine: Guitars, Keyboards, Alan Emslie: Drums, Percussion and Doug Kemp: Bass. ‘Metaphysical Attractions’ features a new line-up: Rich Kass on Drums, Rob Ironside on Sax and Gwen Kelso on flute.




1. Metaphysical Attractions I
2. Some Bright Sparks
3. Hymn To The Winter Sun
4. (Into) The Scrying Glass
5. Metaphysical Attractions II
6. Me And My Idiophone
7. Lucy’s Brainwave
8. Sahara Yadouin

“It has been a while since I was so impressed by a jazz rock/fusion album.”
Pedro Bekkers (Background Magazine)

“An instrumental album full of great compositions, memorable tunes and some stellar playing.”
Bob Mulvey (The Progressive Aspect)

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‘NEXT STOP’ (2013)


1. High Mountain
2. Next Stop
3. Pyramid Power
4. Your Skyline
5. A Straight Line
6. Home
7. Slipstream
8. Here Comes The Twister
9. A Means To An End

“The progressive rock album that Allan Holdsworth never made.”
René Yedema (Radio Xymphonia)

“One of the most vital instrumental fusion albums of the millenium.”
Robert Silverstein (

“One of the best albums of 2013, across the board.”
DJ Markuss (Prog Rock Palace – KDVS 90.3 FM)

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‘WAIT & SEE’ (2011)


1. The Bat
2. Hubbub
3. Frazzled
4. CUL8R (Sweet Sorrow)
5. Zigzag
6. In April
7. Wait & See
8. New Brunswick

“Intelligently written progressive fusion: 14.5/16”
Warren Barker (Progression Magazine)

“A group that, ultimately, can become one of the most high-profile acts of this kind worldwide: 9/10”
Alfredo Tapia-Carreto (